Justification and Goals

One of the biggest changes in the twentieth century was the increasing longevity of human beings, and today life expectancy is equivalent to almost twice the age reached at the beginning of the century (WHO, 2000). The aging process by its multidisciplinary nature is extremely complex and multifactorial, and the study of this phenomenon has generated a large number of theories and a vast literature. The meanings and systems of explanation regarding the phenomenon of aging does not reduce the organic and psychological evidence and is also closely related to the socialcultural characteristics not only expressing the dynamics of these processes, but also the very conditioning practices of health and education.

The aging population though it is widely recognized as one of the major social achievements of the twentieth century is concerned, also, that this is a challenge for public policy. One of the most important is to ensure that the process of economic and social development occurs on an ongoing basis, based on principles that can achieve both an economic level for the maintenance of human dignity, and equality between the age groups in sharing resources, rights and social responsibilities. In Brazil, as in other developing countries, the issue of aging population adds to a long list of social issues unresolved, such as poverty and exclusion of increasing numbers of people, and high levels of inequality in force.

In this context, the International Congress of Human Aging seeks to promote discussions of the biological, psychological, social and political rights on the human aging, assuming the challenges that this process puts on the agenda of Brazilian public policies and also a position permanent and self-criticism on the multidisciplinary integration.

In addition, as a result of the reflections generated at the event, it is understood that expand will be the prospects for projects, discussions, the technical-scientific and cultural object under study in the Post-Graduation in Human Aging.


General Objective
Encourage discussion about the biological, psychological, social and political process of human aging.

Specific Objectives
- Put together researchers who have as a research human aging and old age;
- Create a forum for discussions on the human aging in different looks;
- Provide a tool for publishing and dissemination of space researches in the interest of Congress;
- Encourage health professionals, politicians and students from undergraduate and graduate to reflect on the issues of human aging and old age.
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